How does Digigammon Automatic Transcription System work?

Digigammon Automatic Transcription System is a 2-software package: Digitimer and Transcriptor. Digitimer is a smart timer that you use to record your match while playing. After you play the match, open Transcriptor to process the match file created by Digitimer. Your transcription file is ready in a few minutes at maximum.

Is transcription real-time?

Unfortunately, no. It is near-real-time. It produces the transcription file right after the match, within a few minutes at maximum, depending on the length of the match.

Does Digigammon analyze the match?

Digigammon gives you a transcription file that is compatible with all popular analysis tools. You can import this transcription file into eXtreme Gammon, GNU Backgammon, etc. to analyze your match.

What does the setup look like?

It is just a Windows tablet/computer with touch-screen with Digigammon software installed, an arm and a webcam. You just play as always, but you should use Digitimer as a timer to record your match.

Do I need Digi Monster to run Digigammon Automatic Transcription System?

Not necessarily. Digi Monster brings together the best parts that work smoothly. The Digi Monster configuration has been tested hundreds of times to bring you the best transcription performance. Other than that, if you have a powerful Windows pc with touch screen, an arm, and a webcam, it is OK! You can just get the software.

I have an Android/IOS tablet/computer. Does Digigammon work on it?

Unfortunately, Digigammon Digitimer and Transcriptor applications work only on Windows platforms with a graphics card.

Couldn't Digigammon work on less powerful systems?

Unfortunately, there are sophisticated AI tools and optimization algorithms working behind the Digigammon Automatic Transcription System, which requires a high computing power.

How can I get Digi Monster?

You can pre-order now Digi Monster by saving 17% and get your kit in one of the upcoming events. We will deliver you the kit by hand.

What if I do not like the system after getting?

You can return the system immediately, or after a test match with full refund. If you use the system during the entire event and want to return it, you will be refunded 80% at the end of the event. The returns after the event are not accepted.

If I have the hardware, can I get the software?

You can get a life-time access to our software if you have the compatible hardware. The installation will be done during an upcoming event by our team.

Will you run a crowdfunding campaign?

Yes, we will, as we promised. Our purpose is to make this solution available for the entire backgammon community. We have invested a lot, and if we can recover our investments partly in a campaign, we will make the system available for free.

What is going to happen to the kits purchased before crowdfunding the campaign?

If the campaign becomes a success, then the licencing fees will be refunded to the buyers of Digi Monster. The hardware stays with you.

How can I support your crowdfunding the campaign?

Just stay tuned, we will announce when it is about to begin!


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